Document Imaging

Document Imaging On The Cheap.

Document imaging is not just for large, rich companies. Now there's a document imaging solution that's perfect for you too. Document imaging puts your papers into an electronic filing cabinet that will always be 100% safe. Easily safeguard important papers like contracts, tax records and more with just a few clicks. Learn more!

Document imaging keeps out out of filing cabinets so you can use your time more efficiently. Stockpile, classify, organize, and share documents just like Fortune 500 companies. Eliminate paper from your office for pennies a day with BizManager. Learn more about your powerful new document imaging solution and over 75 more tools and will help you work easier.
Features & Capabilities
Paperless Office -Find any document in seconds.
Productivity Improvement -Do more in less time.
Spam Free Email -100% spam & virus free private email.
Contact Manager -Stay in touch with everyone.
Appointment Software -Never miss another appointment.
Manage Finances -Do taxes in seconds.

Company Information
BizManager is a subsidiary of WebTY's, a privately held consulting firm in New York that was established in 1993. Since then we have been helping countless businesses improve profits through various means. Over the years we have found that increasing productivity and efficiency is the easiest way to cut costs without sacrificing quality. Because of this, we have created BizManager, an IT solution designed to make your life a lot easier while cutting your costs and raising your profits at the same time.

In the future, we plan to extend the capabilities of the BizManager system so that it can help you find new ways to save money in your organization. BizManager will help you do more with less. This way your investment stays low, while your returns stay high.

If you have an inquiry about the BizManager system and what it is capable of, you can click here for features and capabilities or you can click here for customer service. We're here to help. If you don't find what you are looking for in those pages, you can always use the following email addresses to contact us for further information.


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